I have to have a home page so I thought this was a good chance to introduce myself and what this blog is all about!

Who am I?
I’m Ray (known as Racheycane on many other platforms) and I’m a 20-year-old Creative and Professional Writing Student in my second year at University. I do digital art, fiction writing, and poetry (amongst other hobbies such as photography, gaming, and learning/failing to learn to play instruments and how to speak French). I also have a YouTube and Instagram I’m trying to post on more frequently!

Doing a Ba degree:
Wanting to be in the creative industry and community is daunting and I am constantly in fear that I will end up in a standard 9-5 job, in retail, or broke (not that there’s anything wrong with working in the former two but it’s not something I want to end up in after spending £9000 on my degree). I started studying Creative and Professional Writing in September 2017 and since then a lot of opportunities has opened up to me.

What Creative Passions do I have and where has it taken me?
Before I came to Uni my main passion was drawing and, whilst it still is one of my favourite hobbies, I’m doing a lot more now:

  • Firstly, I started Poetry around the same time I started my course because, despite not liking poetry, I was dragged along to the society and was getting involved in Open Mic Nights. Thus a passion for poetry was born. (I love it now)
  • I have entered and won a competition where my short story on Survival was published in an anthology (Survival: Tales of surviving the worst) alongside a selection of other authors. 
  • Recently, due to my Magazine Editing Project module at University, I had the confidence to apply and was accepted as part of an editors team for The Queer Women’s Magazine.

What is the blog about? 

Everything I’m doing in relation to my creativity and degree. Mostly it’ll be poetry and the inspiration behind my ideas but I’ll be putting other stuff on here from time to time.